Requests to join an organization.

Invitations are unique, time-boxed requests you can send (or receive) to join an organization. When someone accepts an invitation, they become a member of your organization. So, it’s important to make sure you invite people you know using the correct email address.

Viewing invitations

To view your organization’s outstanding invitations (accepted invitations are deleted):

  1. Sign in to your account.
  2. Click the chevron-down icon () next to your organization’s name in the left navigation.
  3. Click the Settings link in the dropdown.
  4. Click the Invitations link in in the left navigation.

We’ll call this your “Invitations dashboard”, and the rest of this article will assume you’re starting here.

Creating invitations

To create an invitation:

  1. Visit your Invitation dashboard.
  2. Click the New invitation button in the top right.
  3. Fill in the recipient’s email address.
  4. Click the “Save invitation” button, and we’ll send an email to the recipient.

Be certain you use the correct email address. You don’t want to invite strangers (or potential bad actors) to join your organization by accident!

Generally, it’s a good idea to let the recipient know you’ve invited them separately. That way, they know the invitation is legitimate, and they know to accept it before it expires in a few days. If an invitation does expire, you can invite the person again.

A notification will automatically be sent to your organization’s owners notifying them a new invitation has been created.

Accepting invitations

To accept an invitation:

  1. Click the Accept invitation link in the email.
  2. Sign up or sign in to your account.

Deleting invitations

When an invitation is accepted, it’ll be deleted automatically. If an invitation hasn’t been accepted yet, you can delete it. This is a good thing to do if you realize you’ve invited the wrong person. Keep in mind, deleting an invitation won’t undo sending the email, but it will break the link in the email and render the invitation unusable.

To delete an invitation:

  1. Visit your Invitation dashboard.
  2. Find the invitation you’d like to delete.
  3. Click the ellipsis icon () at the end of its row.
  4. Click the Delete link in the dropdown menu.
  5. Click Ok to confirm the invitation’s deletion.